Michigan Health Care

It's no secret that America's health care system is struggling, and Michigan residents can feel the effects of this. There are many in Michigan without the proper health care that they need. This is largely due to the rising costs, but Michigan residents may not realize that there are other options for affordable coverage. We make it easy for you to request the quotes and answer questions you might have.

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Rising health care costs in Michigan

It may be no surprise to you that health care costs across the country are on the rise; Michigan is no exception. In 2008 alone, the average cost of health care premiums increased by about 10%. In comparison, the national average was about 11.1%. In 2008 the median total cost ratio was $504 per month with employers covering 61% ($309) and the employee paying 39% ($195). These averages exclude the cost of co-pays and deductibles; despite that, the figures represent a basic snapshot of health care costs in Michigan.

Finding the most affordable health care in MN

Something to keep in mind is that the average costs of health care in Michigan may not apply to you. Every person's needs are different and you may need less coverage than the average Michigan resident, meaning you could be saving on your health care coverage and not even know it.

Most people in Michigan purchase their health care through their employers, and the numbers above give you some idea as to how much that costs. Still, group coverage may not offer the specific coverage you need – meaning you have to purchase health care that you won't ever use. On the other hand, individual plans allow you to customize and control the amount of coverage you have, as well as who you go to for care. Why not find out if you could be saving on your health premiums. Request a quote for affordable health insurance in MN today!